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I am always finding outstanding articles and books that are very thought-provoking and want to begin sharing what some may find interesting. A lot of these are sports (including youth sports) and coaching-related. I like to throw in other topics such as leadership, education, psychology, spirituality, or a combination of any of these.

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  • It’s March so there will be lots of good basketball stuff out there. This is a great article about North Dakota State Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Kyan Brown and the terrible adversity he and his family have had to face this season. Coach Brown will certainly have some extra fans this week as NDSU tips off their NCAA Tournament appearance after winning The Summit League Tournament. 
  • Some of the biggest news of the week came in the form of the recruiting bribery schemes. Michael Rosenberg explains it in this Sports Illustrated article. Rosenberg said it well when he stated, “Our nation’s favorite competitive sport is not football, basketball or baseball. It is parenting.” I wish parents understood their greed has more of a negative impact on their children than the benefit of being recognized for their athletic performance.

  • Bob Seggerson was a great high school basketball in Ohio. He has the distinction of having won a state championship in the last game he coached. His Lima Central Catholic team won the OHSAA Division 3 state championship in the last game of his career in 2010. He is a guest writer for his local in this article “50 Things Learned as High School Coach.”  
  • This is another profile of one of the greatest people I have ever been around. Sister Rose Ann Fleming hired both my wife and me at Xavier University and I’m not sure I have ever been around anyone that works harder. And all of that hard work is done for the benefit of other people. It’s well documented that she has helped students-athletes at Xavier graduate but this article shows her other ministries, including Pro Bono law that she has done throughout her career. 
  • This is a great article from a high school wrestling coach, Brandon Day, in Richmond, Michigan, about youth sports today. I like his emphasis on “instruction, practice, and relationship development over competition” in youth sports.

  • I’ll add in a quote of the week often and, since March Madness begins this week, this week’s quote comes from the defending national champion coach.

    Quote of the Week: “Everyone’s role is different but their status is the same.” – Jay Wright

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